Why Branding is crucial

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Where is your favorite place to shop online?

Mine is easy I love Forever 21 and you want to know why?

It’s because when I visit I know exactly what I am going to get. Cheap, cute, trendy clothes shipped within 48 hours to my house and guess what? If they don’t fit I can return them in the clearly marked pre-paid shipping bag and get a no hassle return.

Sounds like a no brainer right?!

That is what creating a brand does… it creates clarity. It creates an experience that a customer can understand and grow to love and keeps them coming back because they know what to expect. People love to feel comfortable and safe and when you create this environment it's easier for them to connect with you and open their wallet. The ultimate goal here is for them to purchase our product. Let’s remember that!

So what exactly is a brand and why do we need one, I mean we're not Forever21?!?

2 years ago when I use to struggle selling on Etsy (well before my $1,000 sales days), I struggled staying focused, struggled with clarity. I didn’t know what I was about and honestly I didn’t know what my shop was about and it was extremely clear that I was a mess when you visited my shop. My shop header had nothing to do with my products, I had illegible fonts (not to mention I used a different font every time I made something), I used colors that didn’t represent my vibe, and all of my pictures were everywhere!

When a potential customer would actually visit my etsy shop they were heavily confused and guess what…. They left - without buying anything. Wrong outcome!!!

When customers are confused or overwhelmed or don’t feel a connection they leave. Remember our ultimate goal is to make them feel at ease so they want to purchase…

So how do we that? With branding.

You see once you go through the branding process you understand who you are, who your shop is and what you offer. You can create a clear and professional shop image with rules in turn creating a great place for customers to come and really connect with you and your shop. You all of a sudden have the ability to attract the right customers and wow them.

The number #1 reason that you need to brand your shop is to win sales!

Every touch point for your Etsy shop has to have a consistent look and feel. Don’t confuse clients with a brand identity crisis. Keep all of your branding elements consistent, including design, fonts, brand colors, graphics etc.

Take a look at your current brand identity – does it all have the same look and feel? Are you using the same logo, color schemes, fonts in all of your promotional material and across your website? If not, make those adjustments now so you don’t confuse clients.

Branding can get overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together a workbook that breaks it all down for you and helps you build a memorable brand. Grab your free workbook below!

If you lack clarity, focus and don’t have a brand for your Etsy shop you are literally wasting your time on ETSY! And I think I can speak for 99% of this world in saying no-one ever likes to waste their time.

So are you ready to gain clarity, create connections and win sales?

Amber xo

Essentials when traveling to NYC

Etsy up conference in NYC

So recently I had the pleasure of taking a week off of my wife and mommy duties and attend a conference for ETSY called ETSY UP. It was at the New School of Design in Union Square New York City.  So this island girl put away my bikinis and headed to the big apple.

Here are the essentials to survive alone in NYC for a week......

Essential #1


I cannot say this enough and I am sure you have heard this before and it because it is soooooooo true. As soon as I found out where the conference was gonna be I used google maps to star the conference location then asked google maps what hotels were nearby. Then I asked google maps to give me directions from the conference to each of the nearest hotels. I found out that 2 of the hotels were within 6 walking minutes and this is truly the most important part, walking distance. Then I went to expedia and kayak and searched for prices. One hotel was already booked solid for the dates so I went with option #2. You do not want to worry about getting to your conference on time, traffic, other delays and getting lost in an area that you are NOT familiar with. Book a HOTEL super close, trust me you will thank me later after its done.

I had the pleasure of staying a few blocks away from the etsy up conference at the Hyatt Hotel at Union Square. I must say that the location, staff, room service, and amenities were outstanding.

Hyatt Union Square New York City


Essential #2


So I am not sure why I had this romantic idea of going to NYC in my heels, most fancy fashion dresses and makeup.. OH wait I do know why thanks Sex in the City!!! Love that show but totally not in anyway how NYC is in August. So if your going to NYC in the summer pack light. Think light dresses that breathe, shorts, and most importantly make sure you have super duper comfy shoes. You will walk A LOT I mean A LOT so make sure the shoes you bring are broken in and don't give you blisters.

I traded my island Havianas for some mad padded sketchers slip on shoes and it was the best decision of my trip.

Sketchers are the most comfortable shoes for traveling


Essential #3


You will not need a small purse for your daily adventures, instead pack a great big bag or backpack that is easy to hold and can securely close to keep your belonging safe. I had a great big messenger with my wallet (don't forget to bring some cash for tips and street food), my cell phone with emergency back up charger, a water bottle, backup napkins or tissue (because most bathrooms if you can find one will NOT have toilet paper), and easy access to my metro card.



Essential #4


I'm sure that any smartphone will do but I had my iPhone 6S and it was my best friend. Now don't forget your back up charger because using your GPS can drain your battery. My iPhone 6S was more then GPS and showing me where to go but also nearby interested on Yelp and hailing and paying for cabs using the "curb" app.

Kate Spade NYC


Essential #5

Now this may not be what you may think of as an essential but keep track of your credit cards!

Once I returned home after my NYC trip I was astonished to find out that someone who handled my credit card has stolen my credit card info and had charged $11,000 of online items. So please, please after any trip and especially after visiting NYC check your credit card activity daily along with your credit. If you can, wherever you go do not let anyone physically handle or take possession of your credit cards.



Please add comments below and let me know what your essentials are when you travel?

Switching to the new Instagram for Business

Instagram for business

So excited that Instagram is now offering Instagram for Business for us IG business users. First of all if you are not on Instagram or think its on the way out think again. IG has personally brought me over 80% of my 1st years income of my eCommerce business (www.etsy.com/shop/tats4now). I get amazing feedback which helps me evolve my products, reach my customers or potential customer instantly, meet new and upcoming business to collaborate with, keeps me on trend and also super fun!

I think I really hit my stride once I stopped worrying about the numbers and just remained authentic and true to myself. I created my brand identity and stuck to it! I now have over 12,000 followers in under a year and love using Instagram every day.

If you are a business on Instagram it is pretty simple to switch to the new business account and just takes a few minutes (I just switched a week ago and have been loving the results).

******You will have to have a Facebook business page to complete this. So if you don't have one yet that will be your 1st step to do this********

Once your Facebook business page is done simply open the app and go to the top right hand corner to open your settings. Next scroll down and under ACCOUNT setting select switch to Business Instagram Account - I was asked to link my Facebook page and confirm and then VOILA there were new and super exciting options awaiting me.


Instagram for business
Instagram for business

The COOLest new thing offered by Instagram for Business is the power of INSIGHTS - wait for it...

Ok this is really so super cool that I am beyond the moon - I tried to explain how exciting this was to my 2 sons and husband and the look they gave me was a priceless empty stare.

Back to Insights, now that you are a business on Instagram you have a new graph icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen (when you are looking at your own feed). This graph icon will show you amazing new stats of your page including your top posts, how many exact followers you have (AHHHmazing and finally!), what time they are online and if you click on the followers you can see how many are men and women, what age group and where they are located. I told you it was worth it. To add the frosting on to all of these already yummy treats you can easily promote a post, get contacted by your customers with a click, and when people are scrolling your page your website shows up on the screen for easy clicking (still figuring this one out)....

Now keep in mind that you have to switch to Instagram for business then do some posting before they can compile your insight stats so be patient but go and switch asap so you can get these stats started! I am loving my new Instagram for Business account....




Resources used:

Edited photos with https://www.canva.com

Created blog post with https://wix.com

Open you Instagram account at https://business.instagram.com/



It’s all about the blog blog BLOG -- right?

It’s all about the blog blog BLOG -- right?

OK so you want to start a blog?

Of course isn't everybody doing it.


NO but really, how on earth do you start. That is a great question that I am going to try and answer in the most efficient way possible.

First you need to figure why you want to blog? For money $$$ For fun =) For fame !!!!

I'm gonna be real people I want it all, cash, fame and happiness and why can't I have it?!

I am blogging to help other bad-ass moms like me have a place to come and talk business. A place to empower women and moms to seek financial success and freedom and would love to make new friends get some freebies and make a little side cash on the way.

Second you need to figure out who your target audience is? Men, Women, age group, what are there likes what are there fears... Yes fears! You really really have to know your market if you want to find them.